Horse medicine (En.)

Gepubliceerd op 20 mei 2022 om 14:08

Two weeks ago I decided to do an 'Intensive' (2 hours/4 days) instead of a regular lesson with my horse. We could do it for 2 days and then a kind of Freeze happened with both of us. I recognized this from the first year we interacted, 5 years ago.

It was Eduard Deckers who helped us before. So I decided to connect him.
LONELINESS was the trigger in both of us. Rooted in our early childhood. For him. For me. While we were both triggered, we couldn't do a thing about it. So Confusion instead of Streaming in both of us and in the connection.
Yesterday I had that intense coach session with Dasha. About my early childhood. When there was no space for the Love, Softness and Connection I was and am. So I decided to walk the path alone.
I didn't even know it but I recognized it immediately when it passed by. They told me: I didn't like dolls. Now I know that in playing with dolls you can show love, affection, connection and softness. And that this wasn't supported that way or a safe place to be.
Laoch and I got both healing for that part.
And I feel now how our Connection has deepened. And how there was a wall of glass between this part and the world. It's gone. I don't know yet how it will show up into the world.
Grateful for the horses in my life and the people around me that help me to walk the road.

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