Triggers changing relationshipstatus (En.)

Gepubliceerd op 12 maart 2022 om 14:04

I just shared my recent relationshipstatus here on Facebook. And wow...what a triggers comes up:

*About the Ex: can/am I allowed to confront her with this?

*My Kids: What does this say about their fathers?

*My Inner Voices:-isn't this to soon and to fragile to share?-But also: isn't this pathetic and chilidish?-Am I allowed to be happy?

*The outside world: what is your purpose sharing this??

And then tuning in: I am freaking happy I met this man where I didn't expect him at all I am suprised and very grateful to feel the space I made by doing The Work. I changed: I am no longer the woman that married the fathers of my Kids, I am not longer the woman that want to people-please (though there is a small part in me that will ask: is this an option?). I am no longer the woman that thinks she has to play small next to a man cause of what the f*cking patriarchy told us.I am no longer the woman that want to belong by connecting to the dark sides of people

*I want to Shine, Big and Bright

*I want to speak out loud my Truth

*I want to live my Life in all flavours just because it's meant to do so, knowing I can support myself

*I love myself

*It's safe to be myself in all beauty that life shows me

*Life really wants me to live my best, most pleasurable and joyful life and will support me

And the Man who's next to me?He shows me who I am and who I became, and reminds me of who I want to be: choose the good life, see the good part in people, in relationships and do the work when needed. And also showingOnly I can create my life and yesss, so grateful to share this with this man !

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