Healing occurs in spaces of love and safety (En.)

Gepubliceerd op 28 januari 2022 om 13:55

The sentence of this morning...O shit, this suddenly really makes sense.What if your body reconignizes that spaces and your brain doesn't yet trust fully? Yes, the fear of "loosing" comes up. Loosing what you just thought you "had". And all that monkey business brains are famous for... Also the fear of loosing that Love and Safety by being and thinking so weird while there seems to be no reason to do so

So grateful my Black Pearl of Warrior Laoch, stepped in the role of Savior this morning and offered literally his back to cry and to release all the terror that came up.The first time he found me this way instead of me looking for him. And he also set the time: much longer then I felt comfortable with (Love and safety can be very scary, though) Confining there is a time and more for every part in us that wants to be seen and loved. Yes, healing does occur in spaces of love and safety

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